3 Tips for New Job Site Safety 

Accidents happen because someone failed to anticipate them. If you think ahead about the possible hazards likely to confront you, you can avoid them. That is especially important on new job sites. Here are three tips for working safely on a new job site. 

1. Size up the situation:

  • Evaluate your share of the work as soon as you arrive on the site.

  • Ask your supervisor to explain any phase of the job that you do not understand. If you are working with a new employee, explain the work and make sure the employee is qualified to do the job safely.

  • Locate safety data sheets for all chemicals. Safety data sheets explain the hazards associated with chemicals used on the job.

2. Plan:

  • Get the right tools and equipment for the job.

  • Take damaged tools out of service.

  • Make sure ladders are inspected and in good condition, with no broken or missing rungs.

3. Work safely:

  • Use tools only for the purpose for which they were designed.

  • Never use aluminum ladders when working around electricity.

  • Wear hard hats and other personal protective equipment when called for on the site.

  • Follow good housekeeping practices, which include keeping walkways clear of tools and electrical cords.


Discussion questions: 

1.What are a few ways you can work safely on a new job site?

2.What should you do if you don’t understand a job task?

3.What are some examples of good housekeeping on a job site?

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