Portable Fire Extinguishers

Workplace fires and explosions kill hundreds and injure thousands of workers each year. One way to limit the damage is to make portable fire extinguishers part of your fire prevention program. Used properly, fire extinguishers can save lives by eliminating small fires and controlling large fires until help arrives.

Fire prevention tips:

•    Keep flammable and combustible materials away from ignition sources
•    Provide fire extinguishers near all welding, soldering and ignition sources
•    Know what types of fire extinguishers are in your area and where to find them
•    Keep fire exits and escape routes clear and well-marked
•    Keep work areas clean and equipment in good operating condition
•    Do not use a fire extinguisher if you have not been trained

Use the right fire extinguisher:

•    Type A: Wood, paper, cloth, rubber
•    Type B: Flammable liquid, gas, grease, oil
•    Type C: Electrical equipment, fuse boxes, wiring, circuit breakers
•    Type D: Combustible metals